What is Nexthamburg?

The Nexthamburg mission



From Idea to Project

The Crowdsourcing Model

Nexthamburg’s editorial team collects all the ideas, wishes, themes and visions coming from the participatory process.
Based on the proposals’ topics and the calls from the actors involved, including the editorial team, the citizens, partners and experts, it launches new projects.



How to participate

The formats

Nexthamburg offers different ways to participate: You are welcome to post your ideas online on www.nexthamburg.de, send it via mail or just stop by at our Nexthamburg-Salon in the city center of Hamburg at Bäckerbreitergang 14. Join our sessions or take part in our future camps to work deeper on topics and themes you are interested in.
Are you interested in Hamburgs current urban development? Visit and join us on Facebook and debate actively with the Nexthamburg-community. Keep yourself posted about our different activities – and save the dates for our workshops that are announced online or via mail newsletter.



Who is part of Nexthamburg?


Everybody can participate in Nexthamburg activities. To push the most requested and convincing ideas and scenarios towards the next step of realization, Nexthamburg interacts with other partners such as decision makers (mainly politicians and public administrators), sponsors and experts.
By providing reports about the current participation process and hosting events and sessions, Nexthamburg diffuses citizens‘ ideas which offers the chance to receive their feedback right away.





Nexthamburg was launched 2009 as a pilot project and was one of the first innovative experiences of citizens‘ participation. From 2009 to 2011, Nexthamburg had the opportunity to test its approach by collecting ideas for the future city, link them with each other and encourage the dialog among the community.
Due to the success of the project, the centerpiece of Nexthamburgs‘ activities, the process model, was developed. It enables a new form of collaborative urban development which can be applied to various cities.



Results & Products


Nexthamburg collected more than 1000 project ideas and published a book containing citizens’ visions for Hamburg, called ‘Nexthamburg: Bürgervisionen für eine neue Stadt’. The book intends to be a participatory counterpart to the official municipal plans of the City of Hamburg.
It is a constructive contribution to the current urban development discussion and reveals the weaknesses of public programmes by emphasizing how powerful and rich the ideas of citizens are. Nexthamburg proves that there is more than one way of public participation and produces various documents, such as white pappers, atlases or feasibility reports.






Nexthamburg is Hamburg’s citizens City Lab – independent and open to all, who want to shape the future of the city together. We offer a stage for citizens’ ideas, opinions, expectations and we ensure that they are heard in the city.

Nexthamburg supplies new participatory tools, available in the Internet and through events, to any of you who want to join. You can read how is everything exactly working in our English summary.

The long term goal of Nexthamburg is to help the citizens in developing ideas in the direction of finding realizable solutions. Team’s goal it to do feasibility studies and political work for the project ideas.

Nexthamburg has been active since April 2009 and is organized as a non-profit association since autumn 2012. Nexthamburg was funded as a pilot project of the National Urban Development Policy by the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development from 2009 to late 2011. Today, Nexthamburg is financed by private donations from foundations, through projects with other actors in the city and on the transfer of knowledge to other NGOs or local authorities. With Nexthamburg Plus UG, investment projects in other German cities will be advised. The profits from these activities will be used to secure the participatory dialogue of Next-projects.